The Armenian State Chamber Choir is summing up the series of events dedicated to the Centennial of the Armenian Genocide. Events have been held in different countries of the world. Composer Tigran Mansuryan, whose “Requiem” has been performed for many times within frames of events, notes that there were problems connected with it:

“During those days when “Requiem” must have been performed in Mexico, it turned out that the Turkish Embassy had put much pressure so that it would not be announced as a requiem dedicated to the victims of the Genocide. But we overcame that difficulty. It was the result of serious resistance, for which both the Armenian Embassy and the Armenian public figures put a lot of effort,” said maestro today at the meeting with the journalists.

The meeting was also attended by German director Klaus-Albert Bauer, who touched upon the Armenian Genocide and noted, “At first, I am German and we saw genocide in our country. We are sensitive in that issue. But I have felt in my country that we don’t remember much about it. What happened is so horrible that it is difficult to express through music.”